I have been bringing my cars here for many years, I trust they will give me the straight info.

Hi Mary, We all so value your continued trust in us. Thanks for your kind words and we will see you soon. National Automotive Repair
5 National Automotive Repair 1/22/2018

Randi and the people at National Auto Repair were very helpful in getting my 2016 Jeep Wrangler back on the road. I appreciated the honesty they shared and the work they did. They have earned my business. Don;t believe me, just take your vehicle in and see for yourself.

We were all happy to get your Jeep back on the road for all that fun you have with it! We know that being 100% honest with the car repair needs are important to gaining trust with our customers. NO over selling here at National Automotive Repair. Enjoy your ride Murph! National Automotive Repair
5 National Automotive Repair 1/9/2018

This is by far the best place to take your lemon for car repair and maintenance. I have a 2011 Chevy Cruze. I thought I had done enough research to ensure this was a solid, commuter car--a 'mom car' if you will. For a $20k+ car, I have dropped over $7k in repairs that would not normally have been needed on a car that gets regular maintenance. I have been stranded on the highway twice--resulting in high tow fees and a huge inconvenience. The car has been recalled at least 5 x. It has gone through 3 batteries--also resulting in being stranded but that was in downtown Phoenix at 10 p.m. or in my garage, or the parking lot at work--much more minor inconveniences. The tires needed to be replaced twice. I'm not a drag racer. There are 117,000 miles on the car. Randy and his team charge fair prices, they always explain what is needed. They give warranties for work done. They are solid guys who do good business. They will not cheat you, they will not overcharge, they can be trusted. Everyone on the team is polite, professional, and treats you like a neighbor. So, if you unwittingly bought a piece of crap car that you have to keep because of other financial obligations--this is the best place to go. They are just terrific. The car? not so much.

Jeanette, We are so glad that you found us, a reputable auto repair shop, to take your "Mom Car Lemon".....We always recommend that consumers bring their potential used car purchase to us BEFORE they buy it so we can do a complete survey on the car so you know what you are buying. And if we get it after the fact, such as yours, our goal is to take 100% care of you and the used car by being honest with you on what repairs are needed now, and what you can wait on and fix in the future. All consumers, especially women, need an auto repair shop that they feel comfortable with and trust. We are glad you found us to be the "go to shop" for you......... National Automotive Repair
5 National Automotive Repair 1/6/2018

National Automotive is the best place to take your automobile. I had taken my Truck to the dealership for a complimentary oil change. In the process they came back and told me I needed other work done. Feeling that they were wrong, I wanted an honest second opinion. That's exactly what I got. I was so glad that I checked. The dealership was wrong. This isn't the first time my truck has been to National Automotive. Everytime they have done work on my truck,they were up front and honest about the work that needed to be done, and the prices are always reasonable. I highly recommend them to whoever wants honest and trustworthy work done.

5 National Automotive Repair 10/11/2017

This was our first visit and we'll definitely use again! We found the staff to be knowledgeable and honest, and the prices fair.

5 National Automotive Repair 8/7/2017

Great Customer service. They really take the time to figure out what your concerns are with your vehicle. They listen when you talk and are very honest mechanics which are not always easy to find. The were recommended to us about a year and we wouldn't go anyplace else..They stand behind their work.

5 National Automotive Repair 8/1/2017

I am so thankful I found National Automotive, as a female sometimes it can be a challenge to get an honest answer to your automobile issues. Now that I have found National Automotive I will go no where else. I always tell my friends that they are trustworthy and completely honest and understand you and your needs. I mention to especially Women that these are mechanics that are totally Girl Friendly its the place to go and get the honest care they desire.

5 National Automotive Repair 7/30/2017

Great service, friendly staff, and prices that don't gouge you.

5 National Automotive Repair 7/27/2017

Shouting out to all those single ladies who need to keep their vehicle on the road without getting ripped off and spending fortune. National Automotive provides excellent service with honesty and integrity. I dropped my car off before work, I received an update on the necessary repairs by 10am and Randy, the owner, picked me up after work with my car! I didn't think it was possible these days to find reliable service and be treated like family. Thank God someone gave me Jake's name and number at National Automotive!

5 National Automotive Repair 7/26/2017

I was extremely skeptical about going to another mechanic after mine retired. I was referred here by a friend and am very pleased with the work they performed. I've only been a few times but trust their integrity.

4.5 National Automotive Repair 7/21/2017