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Arizona Adventures w/ Lori & Randy

Arizona Adventures w/ Lori & Randy

ARIZONA ADVENTURE w/ Lori & Randy PRESCOTT And that would be “Preskitt” if you are a local! Prescott is just 1.5 hours north of Phoenix and has a western, cowboy feel to it.  It was the state Capital of the Arizona Territory twice. We love heading “ up the hill” to our sister town in Yavapai County, to cooler weather and fun times. There is always something to do in this small quaint town. With its natural beauty being set in the Bradshaw Mountains, there are HUNDREDS of hiking trails, camping, horseback riding, golf courses and quading opportunities. Lots of lakes too for fishing such as Lynx and Goldwater. With the infamous “Whiskey Row”, a red light district until the mid 50’s, there are plenty social opportunities available with the many historic bars, choices of restaurants, shops and events in the town square that houses the Historic Courthouse built in 1916. So head “up the hill” to “Preskitt&rdquo ... read more



The Important Items to Check with Brakes

Imagine: you pour a tablespoon of water in your hand and throw it as hard as you can. Now, suppose you suck up a tablespoon of water into a syringe, push the plunger and squirt it out. Which would go further? Of course it’s the water squirting out of the syringe. That’s because you pressurized the water. Your power brake system is kind of the same thing. When you step on the brake pedal, the master cylinder pressurizes brake fluid which actuates the brakes so you can stop. Phoenix car owners who don’t have enough pressure – can’t stop. https://youtu.be/DoXkPrGsTnI A leak in your brake system would diminish – or even eliminate – your stopping power. Brake fluid attracts moisture which can cause dangerous leak-inducing corrosion. So a great way for Phoenix car owners to keep their brake fluid free of contaminants is to change it as recommended. This should be checked when your brakes are b ... read more