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Last Chance – Brakes for Breasts!

We’re in the final days for this worthy program! Have you scheduled your appointment to help those in need? Phoenix, AZ – Please join us in achieving our 2014 goal of raising $100,000 for the Cleveland clinic breast cancer vaccine. $66,499.29 Raised by 66 independent Auto Repair Shops across 27 states in 2013 $32,848.84 Raised by 27 Independent Auto Repair Shops across 16 states in 2012 $10,000.00 Raised by 5 Independent Auto Repair Shops in the state of Ohio in 2011 $109,348.13 Grand Total over the Past 3 Years! “We are growing each year by leaps and bounds and 100% of what we raise goes directly to research.” Independent Auto Repair Shops across the U.S. are Fundraising for the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund! Can you Imagine a vaccine that would create a world free of breast cancer? We can! During October, auto repair shops from across the United States are offering free brak ... read more