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Would not bring our cars anywhere else for repairs!! Everyone here is awesome, treat you like family!! Awesome customer service, gets the job done right, and go above and beyond for each and every customer!! Randy and Jake are the best!! Love this place!! Jim and AmyHenry
I have been using National Automotive Repair for over 5 years, and they have never let me down. I started using them when the dealer of my automobile said I needed a lot of major repairs. I needed to get a second opinion, and was I glad I did. Only one of the repairs was needed at that time. I would have spent a couple thousand dollars for unnecessary work. Since then I always can count on the team to tell me what needs to be done to keep me safe and my car running. Trust is a big factor in this relationship, and I completely trust the mechanics at National Automotive Repair. I drive a long way to have my oil changed, but it is worth it. Thanks guys for keeping on the road
yolanda siebert
Great guys who care about me not just car.They helped our famiily out during a personal crisis what more can you want from a shop?
James Rains
Top notch service. Dedicated to their trade. Highly recommend this shop.
Tamara Barfield
National automotive did an outstanding job with my vehicle. They are experienced professional trustworthy and caring about what they do and how they treat the people that come to them with the work they need done.they fixed it every single thing that they possibly could for me within the small budget that I had considering the large amount of repairs needed to my vehicle. they went above and beyond and it is so much appreciated that they did everything they could to keep myself and my child safe on the road in this 14 year old vehicle that they busted their butts on. They are definitely recommended to anyone needs help with their vehicle. Thanks again to everyone at national automotive for helping me.
Randy, Jake, Jorge, Lori, Celia and the rest of the crew, have always done me right! Sometimes the fix did not last long, but they always made it right. No one is perfect! The point is that I continue to bring my vehicles to National Automotive because I trust that they stand by their work and strive to keep their customers happy!
Mike R.
The best you’ll ever find!! Honest, and great customer service!
Jim and Amy Henry
I first had work done four years ago they were excellent. Jake, Jake he's the man. Today they still shine with excellence. Thank you for your honesty and expertise. Saving me $$$$$$$ stress and time.
Joan Turnbull
I first found Jake and the team at National Auto Repair when my car died in my driveway and I needed someplace close to have it towed. Since then I have been, and will continue to be, a loyal customer. As a woman, I have been talked down to by my share of service ""professionals."" That doesn't happen here. Pricing is fair, they work with my schedule as much as possible, and I walk away knowing more about my car than I did when I arrived. I am grateful to Jake and everyone at National Auto Repair for the great work on my beloved but aging Subaru and their commitment to respect and fairness to their customers.
Annmarie L.
I have been bringing my cars here for many years, I trust they will give me the straight info.
Randi and the people at National Auto Repair were very helpful in getting my 2016 Jeep Wrangler back on the road. I appreciated the honesty they shared and the work they did. They have earned my business. Don|t believe me, just take your vehicle in and see for yourself.
Murph Lauer
This is by far the best place to take your lemon for car repair and maintenance. I have a 2011 Chevy Cruze. I thought I had done enough research to ensure this was a solid, commuter car--a 'mom car' if you will. For a $20k+ car, I have dropped over $7k in repairs that would not normally have been needed on a car that gets regular maintenance. I have been stranded on the highway twice--resulting in high tow fees and a huge inconvenience. The car has been recalled at least 5 x. It has gone through 3 batteries--also resulting in being stranded but that was in downtown Phoenix at 10 p.m. or in my garage, or the parking lot at work--much more minor inconveniences. The tires needed to be replaced twice. I'm not a drag racer. There are 117,000 miles on the car. Randy and his team charge fair prices, they always explain what is needed. They give warranties for work done. They are solid guys who do good business. They will not cheat you, they will not overcharge, they can be trusted. Everyone on the team is polite, professional, and treats you like a neighbor. So, if you unwittingly bought a piece of crap car that you have to keep because of other financial obligations--this is the best place to go. They are just terrific. The car? not so much.
Jeanette Devevo
If I could subtract stars I would. I bought a water pump for my 2011 Honda Civic. I was going to replace it myself. While on a Birthday vacation, my brother brought my car here to have it replaced as a birthday gift.(we're practical people). A month later I broke down mid day in the middle of summer. Great! It was because the tensioner pulley had wobbled loose due one missing bolt and one only halfway in causing the serpentine belt to get chewed up and fall off. Happy Birthday! National automotive towed my car back in and ""fixed"" the ridiculous problem. (As they should). Two months later I break down again, this time on my way to work. Fantastic!! Not knowing why at 4:30 in the morning I have my car towed to the nearest mechanic. (Where all the mechanics are ase certified). Upon diagnosis I'm told that the Alan wrench mounting bolt to the tensioner pulley system had been snapped off due to over tightening. The bolt is rusted which means it happened some time ago. You dont need to be a forensic scientist to figure out what has happened here. National Automotive again!!! Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Do I bring it back a third time? Warranty or not I'm not that dumb. I have the new mechanic actually fix the problem. I bring the broken parts and the bill with the actual ase certified mechanics diagnosis to national automotive.(where only two of the mechanics are ase certified). I'm told I'll have to speak with randy about how we can remedy this. I wait 24 hours for a phone call, to no avail. So I return the next day and introduce myself to randy. Who tells me he hasn't contacted because he has been busy doing other things. (Apparently a current unsatisfied customer isn't high on the owners priority list). He informs me that I should have brought my vehicle back a third time (like a fool) and that he's not responsible because bolts just break sometimes and he will compensate me in no way. After a passionate heated debate I'm left $900.00 in the whole and a missed day of work. On top of the frustration of breaking down twice, tow trucks, getting rides to multiple places and the anguish of having to tell everyone that I got scammed on multiple different medians. I would highly recommend this place if you would like to have more parts broken on your vehicle then when you first brought it in. No good deed goes unpunished!! Oh and Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
Justin Ferris
National Automotive is the best place to take your automobile. I had taken my Truck to the dealership for a complimentary oil change. In the process they came back and told me I needed other work done. Feeling that they were wrong, I wanted an honest second opinion. That's exactly what I got. I was so glad that I checked. The dealership was wrong. This isn't the first time my truck has been to National Automotive. Everytime they have done work on my truck,they were up front and honest about the work that needed to be done, and the prices are always reasonable. I highly recommend them to whoever wants honest and trustworthy work done.
Alex Soto
This was our first visit and we'll definitely use again! We found the staff to be knowledgeable and honest, and the prices fair.
Marcos Rodriguez
Great Customer service. They really take the time to figure out what your concerns are with your vehicle. They listen when you talk and are very honest mechanics which are not always easy to find. The were recommended to us about a year and we wouldn't go anyplace else..They stand behind their work.
Debbie Flanigan
I am so thankful I found National Automotive, as a female sometimes it can be a challenge to get an honest answer to your automobile issues. Now that I have found National Automotive I will go no where else. I always tell my friends that they are trustworthy and completely honest and understand you and your needs. I mention to especially Women that these are mechanics that are totally Girl Friendly its the place to go and get the honest care they desire.
Brenda Franks
Great service, friendly staff, and prices that don't gouge you.
Alex Soto
Shouting out to all those single ladies who need to keep their vehicle on the road without getting ripped off and spending fortune. National Automotive provides excellent service with honesty and integrity. I dropped my car off before work, I received an update on the necessary repairs by 10am and Randy, the owner, picked me up after work with my car! I didn't think it was possible these days to find reliable service and be treated like family. Thank God someone gave me Jake's name and number at National Automotive!
Susan Konicke
I was extremely skeptical about going to another mechanic after mine retired. I was referred here by a friend and am very pleased with the work they performed. I've only been a few times but trust their integrity.
Terry Owens

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2723 W Sweetwater Ave
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